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About the FCTU

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FCTU Constitution Revised 2013

FCTU Area Committees

Staff Council Constitution

Partnership Agreement The FC and FCTU working together

Facility Time Arrangements

Management of TU Reps A Quick Guide for Managers

The Forestry Commission employs around 2500 people, about two-thirds of whom are members of a trade union. The trade unions currently recognised in the FC are:

The FCTU is a democratic partnership, formed by these unions, to represent the interests of all union members who work in the FC. The FCTU coordinates the work of the unions in areas such as:

At a central level the FCTU works through monthly meetings of the FCTU Departmental Committee (DC) which is made up of the FCTU Chairperson (Mick Hoban), the FCTU Secretary (Sam Telford) and one representative from each of the unions*.

Since UK devolution the FCTU has also operated through a number of Area Committees one each for England, Scotland, Silvan House, and Forest Research.

Formal relationships with senior FC managers are maintained through a Staff Council† which meets once per year. Similar staff councils operate for each part of the FC.

FCTU Office

The work of the FCTU is supported and managed by the FCTU office based in Silvan House. The FCTU office team are:

The office’s main responsibilities are:

*The FDA only has a few members in the FC and is not directly represented on the committees.
†The Staff Council is part of the Civil Service Whitley Council structure.