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FCTU Area Committees

The FCTU Area Committees are responsible for protecting and promoting the interests of union members in specific parts of the Forestry Commission. They are comprised of locally elected union members who are closely aware of the issues of concern around the FC, and have proved to be very successful in handling devolved issues on behalf of the joint unions.

The Role of the Area Committees

There a number of issues that now fall under the under the umbrella of the FCTU teams, rather than FCTU Departmenal Committee.  The teams' main role is to identify those issues which affect members at a country or unit level, and to ensure that action is taken to progress them. This can be done either through:

In addition there are also issues, which do not obviously fall within the scope of one or other area, with the consequence that are ranges of topics where the discussion needs to be replicated in a number of Staff Councils. It is essential therefore for FCTU teams to provide co-ordination between each other, and instructions to, the various FCTU Staff Councils to present a harmony, if not a uniformity, of approach. As well as promoting good health and safety and the welfare interests of members another key role for Area Committees is to identify members for the role of H&S reps and to try to encourage more members in general to take an active role within the work of the unions. Along side of this, it is their responsibility to provide reps with training and support, and to ensure that their work is recognised and where necessary acted upon by the broader union community.

The Remit of the Area Committees

Four teams have been created to cover England, Scotland, Silvan House, Forest Research and and their remit is to: