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FC Documents


Please be aware that HR are currently undertaking a review of the Staff Handbook, Personnel Memoranda etc. Please check with FCTU Office before using these documents, otherwise they should be used for information only.


The page contains a collection of FC documents (mostly from HR) which members may be interested in accessing from home and out of work hours. Additional documents will be added in time (and are currently available on the FC intranet) but for now here are some of the essentials.

The contents of all of these documents can be searched using the advanced search page and selecting either 'Staff Handbook' or 'FC Documents' in the category list to search either the handbook or all the documents on this page respectively.

Staff Handbook

HR Policy - Adoption Leave HR Procedure - Adoption Leave
HR Policy - Annual Leave and Public / Priviledge Holidays HR Procedure - Annual Leave and Public / Priviledge Holidays
HR Policy - Career Break HR Procedure - Career Break
HR Policy - Protecting Children and Vunerable Adults  
HR Policy - Conduct and Security HR Procedure - Conduct and Security
HR Policy - Discipline HR Procedure - Discipline
HR Policy - Email & Internet HR Procedure - Email & Internet
HR Policy - Personal Use of Social Media HR Procedure - Personal Use of Social Media
HR Policy - Flexible Working HR Procedure - Flexible Working
HR Policy - Grievance

HR Procedure - Grievance

HR Policy - Harassment and Bullying
HR Policy - Hours, Overtime and Travelling Time HR Procedure - Hours, Overtime and Travelling Time
HR Policy - Homeworking HR Procedure - Homeworking
HR Policy - Induction  
HR Policy - Job Evaluation HR Procedure - Job Evaluation
HR Policy - Learning & Development HR Procedure - Learning & Development
HR Policy - Maternity Leave HR Procedure - Maternity
HR Policy - Notice Periods
HR Policy - Shared Parental Leave HR Procedure - Shared Parental Leave
HR Policy - Parental Leave HR Procedure - Parental Leave
HR Policy - Paternity Leave
HR Policy - Pay HR Procedure - Pay
HR Policy - Performance Improvement HR Procedure - Performance Improvement
HR Policy - Performance Management HR Procedure - Performance Management
HR Policy - Probation HR Procedure - Probation
HR Policy - Re-appointment
HR Policy - Recruitment and Selection HR Procedure - Recruitment and Selection
HR Policy - Redeployment HR Procedure - Redeployment
HR Policy - Redundancy HR Procedure - Redundancy
HR Policy - Relocation Expenses HR Procedure - Relocation Expenses
HR Policy - Retirement HR Procedure - Retirement
HR Policy - Sickness Absence HR Procedure - Sickness Absence

HR Policy - Stress


HR Policy - Travel & Expenses HR Procedure - Travel & Expenses

HR Policy - Whistleblowing

HR Procedure - Whistleblowing

HR Policy - Workplace Relationships


03 Part-time Working (under review)


17 Health and Safety (under review)


Staff Notices

Travel & Expenses Rates & Limits

T&E Rates 2014

Closure of Civil Service Appeal Board

Further to the Government’s Public Bodies Review and notification that the Civil Service Appeal Board (CSAB) was to be closed, further details are provided.

Industrial Action

Provides guidance on minimising the impact of industrial action on the FC's services to the public and to ensure that any industrial action taken is within the law and conducted in an orderly fashion.

Buying and Selling Annual Leave

Announces the introduction of a trial scheme to enable staff to buy and sell their Annual Leave.

SN1 Staff Interchange – A Guide for all Staff of the Forestry Commission

Introduces a guidance booklet for staff and managers to help them decide if interchange will be of benefit and how to go about it.

SN3 Substance Abuse

Sets out the FC policy in relation to any member of staff whose performance, conduct, or behaviour is, or may be, impaired as a result of drinking alcohol, taking drugs or other substance abuse.

SN7 Fixed Term Appointments

Guidance on statutory changes affecting Fixed Term staff including an annex outlining the procedures for using FTA’s and the procedures that apply when permanent staff apply for fixed terms posts.

SN10 Additional Housing Costs Allowance

Replaced NIM22 providing guidance on the payment of AHCA to staff who are transferred to areas of the country where housing is more expensive.

SN18 Working Time Regulations

Reminder to staff and managers of the requirement in the Regulations about how to opt out and new guidance on the impact of second jobs - Includes opt out form.

SN20 Guidance on the Provision of Hospitality

Guidance to managers who are required to arrange hospitality for official visitors and staff who participate in working lunches.

SN22 Relocation Expenses

Changes to the expenses you are entitled to when transferring to another FC office on public interest terms.

SN24 Professional Indemnity Insurance – Personal Liability Claims

Guidance on the protection of staff in the event of claims arising from their work.

SN29 Silvan House Flexible Working Hours

Guidance on the operation of the FWH scheme in Silvan House.

SN60 Changes to Rules of Authorisation and Recording of Leave

Changes to the rules on authorisation and recording of annual leave.

SN61 Application for Leave of Absence/ FlexiLeave/ Special Paid Leave/Time Off in Lieu (Form E7A) and Overtime Claims (Form E2)

Follow up to SN60 providing information on the use of forms E7A and E2.

SN66 Requests for Transfer within the Forestry Commission

Relaunch of a new transfer register in the FC and guidance on the procedures.

SN68 Mobile Phones Provided for Business Use

Information about the provision of mobile phones for business use including the decision to allow free reasonable private use. Note that this document has not been discussed or agreed with the TUS.

SN68 Supplementary Guidance

Supplementary Guidance for line managers

SN101 Management of Sickness Absence in the FC/Civil Service

Provides information about plans to improve the management of sickness absence in the public sector and in the FC.

SN103 MIF Change

Notification of the current Mortgage Interest Factor.