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The FCTU Forest Research Committee is one of the FCTU's four area teams and is responsible for leading on the FCTU's work in Forest Research.

Forest Research Refresh Consultation Response UPDATED 20th October 2015

FCTU have provided a collective response to the FR Refresh proposals, involving union members from Forest Research and Corporate & Forestry Support, submitted on behalf of the FCTU Temporary Central Services Committee. An executive summary was also provided.

Forest Research Refresh Project 14th September 2015

At the end of 2014 the Forestry Commissioners endorsed the conclusions of the Phase 2 Stage 1 report of the WPEP Cross-Border Functions Project. One of the recommendations in the report was that alongside the next stage of the WPEP project, Central Services should begin a new project to examine the options and implications of moving to a refreshed model for Forest Research.

This project is now underway and its terms of reference are to:

On 16 September 2015 the Project Board launched a consultation with the FCTU on the proposals—a business case and organograms along with a Q&A.

Any comments should be submitted through the FCTU to by 16 October when the consultation closes.

Any changes that are agreed as a result of the consultation will come into effect on 1 April 2016.

Establishing new Corporate Services and HR Services Arrangements 8th September 2015

Consultation on the rationale establishing new Corporate Services and HR Services arrangments in FC England, Scotland and Forest Research, moving away from the Shared Service model, has concluded, with FCTU accepting the proposals in principle having received some re-assurances to issues raised. FCTU are participants in this ongoing change and leading from this we will be consulted on a variety of business cases that involve individual change proposals and subsequent impacts.

The Case for Retaining An Integrated Forestry Commission 9th March 2015

The FC Trade Unions have produced a paper making the case for retaining an integrated Forestry Commission, defining what makes the FC such an important organisation. It represents a distillation of the views expressed by the overwhelming majority of union members in the FC; and provides a credible argument on the validity of retaining an evolving FC.

Woodland Policy Enabling Programme - A Credible Alternative 1st September 2014

While FCTU continue to engage with the WPEP and its various proposals, we have developed a case for retaining a better Forestry Commission for the Future. Click here to view the FCTU's alternative to the current programme, outlining the preferred options of the unions for the future management, ownership and funding of the forest estate. It specifically focuses on government proposals to restructure the Forestry Commission England and Scotland and the establishment of a Public Forest Estate Management Organisation (PFEMO).

Members' Meetings Autumn 2014 - Strengthening Your Mandate 27th August 2014

The FC Trade Unions would like to invite members of all five Forestry Unions (PCS, Unite, Prospect, GMB and FDA) to attend members' meetings in Alice Holt on 4th September at 10:30 and Silvan House on 8th October at 14:00 – Chaired by Allan MacKenzie, FCTU Secretary.

The purpose of these meetings - part of a series across the FC - is to strengthen the current mandate and develop a joint union policy on retaining a fully integrated, sustainably resourced and evolving Forestry Commission into the future. The meetings will contain a presentation followed by a question and answer session. Union Facility Time to attend has been granted by the FC.

Please make every effort to attend. It is vitally important that we hear your views, aspirations and concerns in order to engage with the FC fully on your behalf.

FCTU Reaction to Queen's Speech 9th June 2014

The speech and the State opening of Parliament on 4th June have come and gone with no mention of forestry throughout the day. This is a massive relief to the hard working staff in the FC and we now have more time to consider the current Government’s proposals and look forward to influencing the next incoming administration in Westminster... (click here to view briefing)