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GMB Forestry Branch Executive Committee

GMB's work in the FC is coordinated by its Forestry Commission Branch Executive Committee whose members are listed on the right.

Why you should join GMB

GMB is a campaigning trade union that is committed to protecting you at work. Whoever you are, wherever you work: joining GMB is the right decision.

As a GMB member you are more secure at work because you are part of an effective union of 600,000 members.

GMB has members in every part of the UK economy doing every type of job imaginable. GMB members are men and women, full and part time, young and old and are made up of a wide and diverse cross section of our society.

Every day of the year GMB is solving members' problems and we provide expert guidance and advice to people at work on a range of issues including:

GMB has almost 20,000 GMB trained Shop Stewards - people at work who voluntarily give their time to help their workmates.

Backing up these GMB Shop Stewards are a network of full time GMB Organisers and specialists who negotiate, advise and represent GMB members.

GMB provides expert advice on employment law, health and safety, pensions, terms and conditions and much more. In fact if it's to do with work we are the experts.

You can now join GMB instantly online now!