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“The Forestry Commission values the role that unions fulfil in representing the views and interests of staff, and recognises that staff are its most valuable asset. Success will only be acheived through working in partnership with the FCTU.”

Jean Lindsay Director Central Services

Did You Know...

...that all members of staff in the Forestry Commission are eligible to join a Trade Union? In fact more than two-thirds have already chosen to do so: Online Guide Booklet for New Staff.

Join a union

Each of our unions has its own membership system. To join the union of your choice please click on the appropriate logo below:


Alternatively, if you would like us to send you a membership form in the post, then please email us and we'll be happy to send you one.

The Forestry Commission Trade Unions, or FCTU is a partnership of five different unions, and although each is historically associated with certain groups of employees, you are free to join whichever one you want. Why not speak to other members of your team, find out which one they are a members of and join alongside them? For information on individual unions, you can contact the FCTU office or have a look around on this website. We also give a presentation at the New Entrants Course held regularly in Silvan House. If you have any questions, just ask!

Union Campaigning Works

Thanks to the hard work of trade union members in the FC working alongside colleagues across the Civil Service we can demonstrate that standing together against unfair policy DOES WORK even if you are in a small or rural location.

Since 2004 we have been successful in:

By acting together we have shown that campaigning works. We are now working alongside colleagues across the Civil Service to help protect our pay. You’re affected by the government’s pay restraint whether you like it or not—support your colleagues and fight for a fair deal.

What We Do

Belonging to a trade union is about supporting each other at work to help win a better deal for ­everybody. Having the backing and support of a trade union means that the Forestry Commission has to listen to the concerns of members, not just pretend to. We negotiate and speak up on your behalf, and give you the opportunity to get involved and have ‘your say’ on important issues in the FC; such as:

By joining a recognised union in the FC, you add your voice to our campaigns and demands, making us more effective.

Additionally, union membership also gives you access to help and advice on; general work issues, free legal advice and protection for work related problems, confidential welfare services, and financial advice.

Collective Bargaining

A large area of work for the FCTU is negotiating improvements to terms and conditions of service for staff in the Commission. The areas in which we negotiate are very varied, covering pay, allowances, leave travel and subsistence, post-filling procedures, policies such as harassment and bullying, organisational structures, staff numbers and workloads.

One of the major benefits of joining a union is that although the changes we negotiate affect all staff, only union members have a say on what is negotiated on their behalf.


We represent both individuals and groups of members in a wide variety of situations. Individual representation covers areas such as assistance with grievances, disciplinary situations, PMS and probation appeals, requests for flexible working, and if necessary legal advice and support on a range of work and non-work related issues.

In recent years, and particularly with the advent of devolution, more and more people outside the Commission have had growing impact and what the Commission does and how it does it. In many ways this is a good thing, but it does mean the unions sometimes have to raise concerns and make suggestions to a broad variety of individuals, such as politicians and news groups. This broader representation is vital to promoting our interests.