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Maintenance Page

This page is for site administrators only and just contains a few quick links to some necessary pages.

Events Calendar

Calendar Admin Login

Postcode -> latitude and longitude Converter - enter a postcode in the box at the bottom of the map.

RepFinder Maps

RepFinderMap Geocode Generator - longitude correction is +/- 0.0002

Test RepFinder Map

Reps Database

In order to update the reps database and maps:

  1. Open and Close revised database in Access 2002-2003 format.
  2. Upload database.
  3. Rebuild the xml data using: RepFinder XML Generator - Remember to View Source!
  4. Copy and paste source data into /repfinder/export2.xml
  5. Save and upload revised export2.xml file.

Other Login links and reminders

SSP Director - e* n*

Discussion forum Admin Login - edward (h) & Administrator (h)