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Prospect Forestry Commission Branch

Prospect's work in the FC is coordinated by its Forestry Commission Branch Executive Committee.

Ten good reasons to join Prospect

1. We negotiate on your behalf on pay, grading, and other terms and conditions of employment such as hours, leave, pensions etc. We are recognised by over 200 public and private sector employers.

2. We provide specialist advice on work-related problems. Every year we handle thousands of personal cases on issues ranging from appraisal appeals to disciplinary cases, right through to employment tribunals, with a high success rate. (But please note that we reserve the right not to take up cases for members where the event giving rise to the case occurred before that person became a member.)

3. Our 1,200 local safety representatives help protect your health and safety at work. They deal with issues ranging from stress to hazardous substances.

4. LegalLine, our free help line, offers high quality legal advice on almost any problem except employment law.

5. Our personal injury scheme provides assistance to members and their families who are injured or become ill through the negligence of a third party. In 2007 we helped 110 claimants win a total of over £2.7m in damages. And our ClaimLine provides a fast-track service for personal injury claims over the telephone or via the internet. We also have special compensation schemes for radiation-linked diseases and noise-induced deafness cases.

6. Our benevolent fund provides grants to members, retired members and their dependents in financial distress. In 2007 we helped 16 members, giving almost £20,131 in grants.

7. We negotiate with employers for proper training and career development programmes, as well as providing a range of our own services, including an online career development portfolio.

8. We are a campaigning organisation, well-respected for our work on issues such as science funding, energy policy and quality public services. Prospect is non-party political, but our members' expertise makes our voice count.

9. We fight discrimination at work and in society. Our equal opportunities work includes negotiating family-friendly policies in the workplace, and our own career development project for ethnic minority staff.

10. We have an excellent range of members' deals and discounts, from Britannia Rescue road rescue/recovery to Vision Express opticians.

Even if you're employed on a personal contract and aren't covered by collective negotiations on your pay, terms and conditions, Prospect can help. We have a special contracts advice hotline and can represent you in disciplinary and grievance actions.

So join us in Prospect. It's a sound career move.