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Scottish Climate Change Bill - Facts and Figures

Further Information

The economic and social contribution of forestry for people in Scotland FCS Research Note by David Edwards, Jake Morris, Liz O’Brien, Vadims Sarajevs and Gregory Valat (Sept 2008)

On 4th November 2008 Michael Russell the Scottish Minister launched a consultation that seeks views on how the Scottish Government can make better use of the assets of Scotland's national forest estate in the fight against climate change.

This page contains some background information about the views of Forestry Commission staff, along with some facts and figures about the contribution that forestry makes to Scotland.

The FCTU's Position

The FCTU's position on the proposed forestry amendment to the climate change bill is as follows:

  1. The unions support in principle the Scottish Government’s attempts to address the issues raised by climate change, and recognise the need for the FC as manager of the National Forest Estate and a leader within the industry to do what it can to support the Scottish Government’s agenda on this area.
  2. We broadly support the need to maximise the National Forest Estate’s contribution to this agenda; particularly through greater partnership working, through the sustainable sequestration of additional carbon, through the expansion of renewable energy programmes and through support for promoting sustainable local communities.
  3. We are however very sceptical of the plans to release capital through the leasing of management and cutting rights on the National Forest Estate to foreign investment companies. We are concerned at the lack of a viable business model to underpin the proposals.
  4. We are strongly opposed to any plans that will result in a loss of good quality Scottish jobs including the TUPE transfer of Scottish jobs to foreign-owned private management companies. Despite suggestions that the proposal to lease management rights over the National Forest Estate may create jobs; in the absence of any viable business case to underpin these suggestions it is our belief that the proposals could result in the loss of several hundred good quality jobs in some of Scotland’s remotest rural areas in the forestry, timber processing, recreation and tourism sectors.
  5. The FCTU will be responding to the proposals both through a direct submission to the consultation paper and through engagement with MSPs and other key stakeholders. We have already begun to engage directly with MSPs and will continue this process over the coming weeks.

Scottish Forestry Facts and Figures

The current woodland resource




†Sourced from an FC Scotland Press Briefing Note